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enter my gallary if you dare... also this gallary is full of fail, I know i suck big time.:( though I often switching from drawing pics to doing sprite stuff.

here are those for those trolls, flamers, haters and stalkers out there, jus read this stamp, this DA, a place were people love art, not hate them damnit!


my favs...


I got to be here more often then my other account anyway... I download the demo of PxZ.... one thing I got to say, the demo was pretty fun... it's like CrossxEdge meets Devil Survivor overclocked sep with charathers from other games.. I would of wish they would add more but beggers cannot be choosers though I'm please Megaman made the cut in the next smash but now i got to wait for simon belmont to be in it then but if he not in... well I can still choose the blue bomber... but hey... anyway... 
  • Listening to: shudder from Devil Survivor
  • Playing: PxZ demo, Devil Survivor Overclocked.


United States
been a castlevania fan for a long time since I remembered, though I got hook on Megaman since I played it the first time on the SNES called Megaman X the first one, also I like to switch from doing sprites to drawing pics. note... I cannot stand fantards of any kind, so don't get invovle with any drama of any kind thank you.

likes: games, food, meh buddies, any gaming console

dislikes: haters, MLP, Adventure time, fan brats of anykind, Twilight.

Stamp: Simon by Gypsy-RaeLeviathan Stamp by BlackMagesWaltzPhantom Stamp by BlackMagesWaltzPalutena Stamp by AnimeLova56Stamp: Shanoa by Gypsy-RaeLady Palutena Stamp by lapraskingStamp - UM dub by knuxiechanPhosphora Stamp by lapraskingPortrait Stamp: Trevor by Gypsy-RaeStamp-Alucard x Maria Fan by shashayminSimon Belmont Chronicles stamp by Belmondo4447Rad Spencer ReArmed Stamp by Belmondo4447SSBB Zero Suit Samus Stamp by crafty-manxPortrait Stamp: Shanoa by Gypsy-RaeMvC3 Spencer Stamp by Belmondo4447:thumb177969857::thumb177969591:Sparkster Stamp by Stampsandcrap:thumb73832050:Spinal Stamp by conkeronineSub-Zero Fan Stamp by Kibikayuki:thumb211153628:Prometheus Pandora Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordSHAO KAHN by R-B36-STAMPS-367Portrait Stamp: Dracula by Gypsy-RaeMedusa uprising stamp by Belmondo4447Hades Uprising stamp by Belmondo4447Greoder Rearmed stamp by Belmondo4447Viridi Stamp by lapraskingRocket Knight Axel Gear stamp by Belmondo4447Getus Fuma Den Stamp by Belmondo4447:thumb107947348:Bionic commando en by Queen-SouliaLove to KOS-MOS by IceVallejoT-ELOS Stamp by MyFebroniaMegaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTartMMX: Alia Stamp by ShadowStarEXEPit Stamp by laprasking:thumb161897417::thumb308754547::thumb271729889:DESTROY US ALL by ARTic-WeatherDespicable Minion by azianwolfdollA Gru-some Plan by azianwolfdollAnti-Adventure time stamp by cheetahprince:thumb256815963:Lady Bow Stamp by MandiRPatchouli Knowledge stamp by Zerebos. Aile Stamp . by wahahuiPhilemon Cosplayer by RaijiMagiwindAll Hail the Hypnotoad by FelineMythNintendo Systems Stamp by linkhero55I heart Retro Stuff by the-emo-detectivePersona 2 by DaZagato:thumb302097061:SMT Fan Stamp by Finalzidane-X

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Rebekah: *Crashes* AAAUGH!
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Rebekah: *Crash lands after winning an air battle but she lost a lot of blood* ..........Aaaaaah.....*Can barely sees Harpuia walking up to her**passes out due to blood loss*
Belmondo4447 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
seriously... insulting me like that wont make me change my mind or calling me delinquent stupidity wont change anything around>>
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Thanks for the fave.
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Dude I love your Pixel art series keep it up!!!, and also where do I find the rest of castlevania quest series?
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